How to get Learner’s Permit: Step by Step

Driving is one of the most important daily to daily skills here. I will share here step by step how I have attended online course and acquired driving license.

Step 1: Log on At the middle of the Home page, you need to fill up a form to find right product for you. You will have a screen like below

 The next page will look like this

While registering, you will have three options to deliver the certificate. Only in case of Free Mail delivery, you can ask them to print and mail this certificate on the same day. It will cost you $3.95 more.

Step 2: Authentication: After you register, there will be a phone number at the bottom of the page. You need to call to this number from your phone (remember that you will need to use same phone for future authentication. So it is advised to use your personal phone.)

While making call, they will ask you to put a four digit pin number, which you will find in the same page under the phone number. Then caller will ask you to voice 5 digits prompt number, which will be under the pin number. Caller will ask you around five times. This prompt number will automatically change after you are successfully authenticated every previous prompt number.

Step 3: After authentication, you will appear a quiz of 30 MCQ. It is not graded to final exam. For sign questions of this test, click on the link For other questions, just copy the question stem and paste it on google. You will get the answer. But it is better to at least read the question stem and options to get acquainted with the situation. After submission, they will give you a percentage just to compare with final exam performance.

Step 4: You will enter the video course. Your screen will look like this

Keep watching all videos. Remember, you can rewind them and cannot forward them.

Chapter One Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter Two Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter Four Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter Five Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter six Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter Seven Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter Eight Quiz Answer Helpline:


Chapter Nine Quiz Answer Helpline:



After completing these above nine chapters, you will be asked to appear Final Exam, which includes 30 MCQ. 70% is the passing mark. You can attempt 3 times. If failed even 3rd time, you gotta pay again and register from the beginning.

After your final exam, you will be sent certificate to your address. Then you have to show up DPS office with this certificate and need to appear vision test. If passed, DPS office will instantly give you a written Learner’s Permit and send you driving license card to your address later on.

Now you are good to DRIVE with a license holder sitting beside you.

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